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ChessBase 1450225.00
Mega Database 201780360.00
Mega Database 2017 upgrade30135.00
ChessBase 14 + Mega Database 2017 Combo115517.50
ChessBase Account Premium25112.50
Fritz 1545202.50
Fritz & Chesster: Learn to play Chess836.00
Daniel King: Starting chess1672.00
Komodo 1040180.00
Houdini 5 Pro50225.00
Houdini 5 Standard40180.00
Opening Encyclopaedia 201650225.00
ChessBase Tutorials: Starting Chess1672.00
ChessBase Magazine
ChessBase Magazine 1711254.00
ChessBase Magazine 1721254.00
ChessBase Magazine 1731254.00
ChessBase Magazine 1741254.00
ChessBase Magazine 1751254.00
ChessBase Magazine 1761254.00
ChessBase Magazine 1771254.00
Power Play by Daniel King
Power Play 1 - Mating Patterns1672.00
Power Play 2 - Attacking the king1672.00
Power Play 3 - Pawn storm1672.00
Power Play 4 - Start Right1672.00
Power Play 5 - Pawns1672.00
Power Play 6 - Pawns1672.00
Power Play 7 - Improve your pieces1672.00
Power Play 8 - Knights and Bishops1672.00
Power Play 9 - major pieces vs. minor pieces1672.00
Power Play 10 - Calculation1672.00
Power Play 11 - Defence1672.00
Power Play 12 - The Hedgehog1672.00
Power Play 13 - The squeeze1672.00
Power Play 14 - Test Your Tactics1672.00
Power Play 15 - Practical Pawn Endgames1672.00
Power Play 16 - Test Your Rook Endgames1672.00
Power Play 17 - Attack with 1.e41672.00
Power Play 18: The Sicilian Najdorf - a repertoire for Black1672.00
Power Play 19: Attack with 1.e4 - Part 21672.00
Power Play 20: Test Your Attacking Chess1672.00
Power Play 21: A repertoire for black against the Anti-Sicilians1672.00
Powerplay 22: A Repertoire for Black with the French Defence1672.00
Power Play 23: A Repertoire for black with the Queen's Gambit Declined1672.00
Power Play 24: A repertoire for black against the Catalan1672.00
Power Play Vol.23 and 2430135.00
Power Play 1-24 Combo Offer3151,417.50
Chess Endames by Karsten Mueller
Chess Endgames 1 - Basic knowledge for beginners1672.00
Chess Endgames 2 - Rook Endgames1672.00
Chess Endgames 3 - major piece endgames1672.00
Chess Endgames 4 - Strategical Endgames1672.00
Chess Endgames 5 - Endgame Principles Activity & Initiative1672.00
Chess Endgames 6 - Endgame Principles Domination & Prophylaxis1672.00
Chess Endgames 7 - Endgame Principles Weaknesses & Fortresses1672.00
Chess Endgames 8 - Practical Rook Endgames1672.00
Chess Endgames 9 - Rook and Minor Piece1672.00
Chess Endgames 10 - Rook and two minor pieces1672.00
Chess Endgames 11 - Rook against Bishop1672.00
Chess Endgames 12 - Rook vs Knight1672.00
Chess Endgames 13 - Double rook endings1672.00
Chess Endgames 14 - The golden guidelines of endgame play1672.00
Chess Endgames 1 to 14160720.00
Master Class
Master Class Vol.01: Bobby Fischer1672.00
Master Class Vol.02: Mikhail Tal1672.00
Master Class Vol.03: Alexander Alekhine1672.00
Master Class Vol.04: Jose Raul Capablanca1672.00
Master Class Vol.05: Emanuel Lasker1672.00
Master Class Vol.06: Anatoly Karpov1672.00
Master Class Vol.07: Garry Kasparov1672.00
Master Class Vol.1-7 Combo96432.00
Tactic Toolbox
Tactic Toolbox Benoni by Mihail Marin1672.00
Tactic Toolbox Grunfeld by Michal Krasenkow1672.00
Tactic Toolbox Meran Variation by Robert Ris1672.00
Tactic Toolbox Najdorf by Niclas Huschenbeth1672.00
Tactic Toolbox Ruy Lopez / Spanish Opening by Sam Collins1672.00
Tactic Toolbox Scheveningen by Lubomir Ftacnik1672.00
Tactic Toolbox Semi-Slav with 5.Bg5 by Robert Ris1672.00
Tactic Toolbox (1-7) combo96432.00
Fritz trainers
With 1.e4 from White0.00
The Bishop's Opening and The Italian Game by Sergei Tiviakov1672.00
The Classical French - Main Line by Rustam Kasimdzhanov1672.00
Evans Gambit for the new generation by Simon Williams1672.00
The Modern Scotch Opening by Parimarjan Negi1672.00
The new McCutcheon by Rustam Kasimdzhanov1672.00
English Attack by Daniel Gormally1672.00
Fighting against Caro Kann with the advance variation by Viktor Bologan1672.00
3.Nd2 against the French by Sergei Tiviakov1672.00
How to crack the Berlin Wall with 5.Re11672.00
The Modern Grand Prix by Lawrence Trent1672.00
Against 1.e4 from Black
Complex Najdorf by Viktor Bologan1672.00
A Gambit Guide through Open game Vol.1 + 2 by Erwin l'Ami30135.00
A Gambit Guide through the Open Game Vol.1 by Erwin l'Ami1672.00
The Berlin Wall by Viktor Bologan1672.00
The Black Lion - an aggressive version of the Philidor Defense by Simon Williams1672.00
The Classical Sicilian by Mihail Marin1672.00
A Gambit Guide through the Open Game Vol.2 by Erwin l'Ami1672.00
The Ruy Lopez Breyer Variation by Pavel Eljanov1672.00
The Spanish Fianchetto by Sam Collins1672.00
The modern Two Knights by Erwin l'Ami1672.00
The French Defence for Tournament Player by Nicholas Pert1672.00
The Modern Pirc by Viktor Bologan1672.00
Open games with …Bc5 by Sam Collins1672.00
The fashionable Caro Kann Vol.1 by Vidit Gujrathi1672.00
The fashionable Caro Kann Vol.2 by Vidit Gujrathi1672.00
The fashionable Caro Kann Vol.1+2 by Vidit Gujrathi30135.00
With 1.d4 from White
Solid and safe against the Indian openings: Play the Fianchetto by Nicholas Pert1672.00
Beat the Queens Indian by Simon Williams1672.00
Trompowsky for the attacking player by Timur Gareyev1672.00
Winning against King's Indian - With the main line by Mihail Marin1672.00
Winning against the Classical Slav by Mihail Marin1672.00
London System with 2.Bf4 by Simon Williams1672.00
A dynamic weapon against the QGD - 5.Bf41672.00
Against 1.d4 from Black
A strategic weapon against 1.d4: The Queen's Indian Defense by Viktor Bologan1672.00
King's Indian: A modern approach by Viktor Bologan1672.00
The Semi Slav by Peter Heine Nielsen1672.00
The Ragozin Defense by Alejandro Ramirez1672.00
The Dutch Stonewall- A fighting repertoire against 1.d4 by Erwin L'Ami1672.00
Other openings
The English Opening Vol.1 by Simon Williams1672.00
The English Opening Vol.2 by Simon Williams1672.00
Other DVDs
Learn from the Classics by Sagar Shah1672.00
How to exchange pieces by Elisabeth Paehtz1672.00
Improve your chess with Tania Sachdev1672.00
Improve your tactics with Tania Sachdev1672.00
Vishy Anand Combo: Vol.1+230135.00
Vishy Anand: My Career Vol.11672.00
Vishy Anand: My Career Vol.21672.00
Pawn structures you should know by Adrian Mikhalchishin1672.00
Chess Player's mating guide Vol.1: King in the centre by Robert Ris1672.00
Pattern Recognition and Typical plans by Adrian Mikhalchishin1672.00
Strengthen your chess foundation by Nisha Mohota1672.00
The Art of Positional Exchange Sacrifice by Sergei Tiviakov1672.00

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