Our Programs from 1 April 2018

Our Programs from 1 April 2018

Course Schedule
1 Group Training
Saturday Sunday
0900-1000 Enjoy Chess 0900-1000 Enjoy Chess
1030-1200 Young Talents 1030-1200 Young Talents
1300-1500 Future Stars 1300-1700 Category Grading / Training Games
1530-1830 Today’s Champions
2 Individual/Custom Training
Knowledge Gap Review / Opening Repertoire Development / Tournament Game Analysis
*By Appointment, for a Minimum 10 Sessions of 60 Minutes Each
Program Description
a Enjoy Chess First Steps to Playing Chess for Fun
RM 200/Month Usually from 5 Years of Age, 60 Minutes Weekly
12 Level Certification
b Young Talents 1200-1600 Level, Playing in Competitions
RM 300/Month Usually from 9 Years of Age, 90 Minutes Weekly
Includes Category Grading
c Future Stars 1600-1800 Level, Playing in National & International Level Competitions
RM 400/Month Usually from 13 Years of Age, 120 Minutes Weekly
Includes Category Grading / Training Games
d Today’s Champions 1800-2200 Level, Targeting WIM, FM, WGM and IM titles
RM 1,500/Quarter Usually U-16 National Youth and Women Players, 180 Minutes Weekly
Includes Training Games
e Category Grading / Training Games
1200-2200 Level, Practice for Competitions
Free for Young Talents and Future Stars & Open to Paying Public, 240 Minutes Weekly

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