National Junior Development Training Program Preview

National Junior Development Training Program Preview

On Saturday 10 June, from 2-4 p.m., the Institute for Chess Excellence will hold a Free Preview of the National Junior Development Training Program which will be starting in July 2017, and on behalf of the Malaysian Chess Federation, we welcome all those interested to be a part of this strategic initiative.

We are targeting three core groups:

1.1. Young Talents: U-9 & U-11 / FIDE 1200-1500
1.2. Future Stars: U-13 / FIDE 1500-1800
1.3. Today’s Champions: U-19 National Youth & Women / FIDE 1800-2100


Local trainers need not fear as we are not trying to offer general lessons or even opening preparation, but are instead looking to increasing the competitiveness of our best young prospects.

Accordingly, our program is designed around guided weekly playing & analysis sessions – ten per quarter, school holiday camps with visiting GMs/IMs, and the participation of the very best as a team in select national & international competitions.


The most important attribute for participation in this program is, interest, and in time, capacity for work!

We also welcome those who wish to contribute as facilitators, trainers, etc. and I welcome your emails to peterlong@aol.asia.


  • KK says:

    How do you going to work with Northern and Southern part as well as East Malaysia players?

    • Peter Long says:

      We have not even started yet! But once we see real interest from other places we will be happy to look into it.

      Notwithstanding, MCF is made up of state affiliates, many who are also in the council and maybe your question, assuming you have a genuine interest, should be addressed to these officials.

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